Abie was first released on March 5th, 2017 with the outstanding contribution of the Ethergency team at Hacker House Paris.


Abie is a DAO that includes a voting system and a Sybil-resistant membership system. Only the vote of the members can trigger a transaction to the beneficiary. The ‘liquid democracy’ allows members that don’t have any device or Internet access to express their opinion on each incoming proposal.


npm i
npm start

In your browser:

alt text

You’re not a member of this DAO so you can’t vote, but you can submit a proposal.

Give it:

When you’re done, please drop a msg in the Riot chan so that somebody can vote it up. On this version the duration of the vote is set to 5 minutes!


To deploy your own DAO, you can use Remix and fill out the deploy field with this:

"0x4162696520446576","0x57652077616e7420746f207465737420416269652e",["<your addr>","<your friend's addr>","0x24cfc8f7ff347c158e6f06c37e94525892b4df44","0xeefb9234302128259d46ed9e223fbc48b5edb5d1"]

You can then copy the contract address and paste it in the app.

To learn more about that, a complete tutorial is available on the Wiki page.

Next step

Abie Dev will be deployed on Ethereum mainnet in the coming days. Every contributors vote. Here’s Abie Dev first proposal, it gives an idea of the expected contributions to develop the project.


Feel free to join the Riot discussion chan!